The philosophy behind our cuisine.

Just thinking about the dishes prepared in our restaurant makes your mouth water; it is also nice to know that behind them is a well-pondered philosophy. In response to an overwhelming desire to flee the insipid squalor of modern day food that seems to grow inside freezers and vac-packs and is barely conducible to mother nature, our food is made with simple but high quality ingredients and intelligent techniques so that these precious ingredients don’t get spoilt by overcooking and using the age-old traditions of the Tuscan cuisine considered one of the healthiest diets there is.
"Eat the fruits of your land in the
season in which they appear"

is an ancient oriental piece of wisdom but it applies completely to the Tuscan way of eating The recipes have been sent down for generations from grand mother to mother (here cooking is traditionally female!) and are “poor” recipes, based on what could be gleaned from local vegetable patches, farmyards and the surrounding land. This is exactly what we have in mind when preparing our food. In times gone by, people didn’t have much choice, but now that they do, the choice is still strongly Tuscan; you will find that fast food has never really caught on in this part of the world.
Here are a few examples of Menùs:

Menù n°1
"Antipasto misto Toscano" Selection of Tuscan Starters
Slices of toasted Tuscan bread with: olive paté, Tuscan liver paté, Lard from Colonnata, sausage and cheese.
Cured ham and diced melon.
Finocchiona and lemon rind
Pecorino cheese and pears

Primo piatto
Hand made “tagliatelle” with Pesto of rocket and walnuts (Sienese style)

Secondo piatto
Tuscan beef casserole brased with Chianti wine

Zuccotto with custard and strawberry sauce

Menù n°2

Asparagus with fried egg and pecorino cheese
King prawns on mixed salad with basil mayonnaise

Pasta course
Crepes filled with ricotta and spinach with tomato sauce (Traditional Florentine)

Main Course
Tuscan deep fry: chicken, rabbit and vegetables

Crunchy apple cake with chantilly cream
You will see that in our menus, we prefer to present fewer dishes done well than a long list of items the preparation of which can only be superficial. This is also part of our philosophy. However the menus change constantly from day to day in order to give our guests a variety of dishes to choose from during their sojourn; it means that guests desiring half board or who come to the restaurant several times running will find different dishes to choose from every time. Naturally we have a thought for children too, there will always be possibilities for them, we are well aware that kids, specially the very small ones, in preference to Tuscan cuisine would much rather have egg and chips!
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